The new official Pokemon Forums are a beautiful disaster

The Pokémon Company is launched Official forums on its site. While it seems natural to have an official meeting place in your community, I call the temperance team healthy because their work is cut out for them.

The forums started on Monday 3rd July, and as many of us were preparing for the day off the following day, the Pokemon The community has been working hard to post some of the most damning topics of discussion you can fathom from the series’ 27-year history. At this point, a lot of them have been wiped out by mods, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from picking up some of the topics. This screenshot from @UltimaShadowX on Twitter is a good encapsulation of the problem.

Many topics are presented on the forums, incl "Any girl would tickle her doom," "I am immeasurably drawn to Gardevoir," And "Who in the world would have thought this was a good idea."

On top of the cursed posts, there were also some topics surrounding weird character logos, like Penny from carmine And Violet Being trans, but search those posts now, they too have been cleared from the forums.

Forum topics are displayed, incl "penny cross by the way," And "Every Pokémon character is LGBtq."

While the removal of some of these things is self-explanatory, it’s unclear where something like a discussion about the character’s identity falls into Community rules and guidelines. There are some good guidelines here, such as telling people not to share personal information about themselves and using bad language, especially when Pokemon Naturally, the forum attracts young readers. Also, it is interesting that the forums prohibit informal discussion Pokemon products, most likely to avoid discussions of fan games and the like. But in fact, the final rule states in its guidelines that these rules are not exhaustive, and that posts can be removed at the mod’s discretion. This means something like talking about Possible strange tones It can simply be removed.

Numerous topics from Pokemon forums are featured, ranging from the hilarious to the extremely damning.

But still, she wasn’t quick enough to stop Gardevoir’s onslaught of thirst, hints at it Awesome NSFW vaporion copypasta (click at your own risk), and people are debating which Pokemon would be the best meal. There was also some good shit scraped from the forums, like a post asking which Pokemon would be best at powering a Hyundai 25L-7 forklift. It’s Matchamp, of course.

between My secretAnd smogonand many other corners of the Internet, there are already subsections of Pokemon Community already built into their outlets. But those are outside the company’s purview, so it makes sense that it would want some kind of alternative. But still, whoever runs moderation out there will be busy.

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