The Orioles avoided refereeing with Tre Mancini

Avoid Oriole Arbitration Session with Tree ManciniThe team announced that the two sides have agreed a contract for the 2022 season. The deal also contains a mutual option for the 2023 campaign. Athletic player Dan Connelly (Via Twitter) reports that Mancini will earn $7.5 million in 2022, and the option exchange is worth $10 million with a $250,000 purchase. Mancini represented by the front line.

Mancini and O’s couldn’t reach common ground on a deal before the deadline to exchange arbitration numbers, and there was a $625,000 gap between the two numbers – Orioles is offering $7.375 million and Mancini is seeking $8 million. With the purchase money in mind, Mancini is guaranteeing $7.75 million in 2022, bringing his total earnings closer to the number he wants. Matt Schwartz MLBTR expected Mancini for a salary of $7.9 million, which is a nice rise from the $4.75 million salaries that Mancini received in his first two ARB-qualifying seasons.

Of course, Mancini didn’t get a raise last winter because he didn’t play in 2020, and he took a year off to fight colon cancer. Mancini earned a clean bill of health last season, winning the AL Comeback Player of the Year award after notching .255/.326/.432 with 21 assists on home soil over 616 games in his return to action.

2022 is the third and final season of Mancini’s arbitration eligibility, and it is set to arrive at free agency next winter. While the inclusion of a mutual option technically represents something beyond just a one-year fixed deal, mutual options are rarely exercised by both parties. In short, the option does not make it more or less likely that Mancini will remain an Oriole at this time next year, and it is still possible that the O rebuild will continue to trade Mancini for a competitor in a pre-trade delivery date.

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John Maines He is the only remaining member of the Baltimore arbitration class who has yet to agree to the terms of his 2022 contract. The Means made $3.1 million while the Orioles offered $2.7 million, and in the event no agreement is reached, the parties are set to eventually meet in a hearing arbitration.

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