The Pentagon says Russian troops are wreaking havoc without a fight

According to the Pentagon, the morale of Russian troops was declining and some soldiers decided to refuse to fight against Ukrainian forces.

Is there no motivation in the ranks of the Russian army? As stated in it New York Times, According to a senior Pentagon official, a significant number of Russian soldiers wanted to surrender to avoid fighting the Russian war in Ukraine. Some have gone so far as to damage their equipment or vehicles, especially by drilling gas tanks.

These behaviors are, according to the American media, associated with low reserves of food and gasoline due to low morale, but above all due to the unexpected resistance of the Ukrainians. “Promoting Russian soldiers is undoubtedly more complicated than encouraging Ukrainian soldiers to defend their land, homes, streets, villages or cities,” he explains. European 1 General Christophe Commord headed the French military intelligence.

“We have a lot of evidence that in such a war we have to be wary of them, which shows that Russian soldiers are amazed at what they do there, and think they are welcomed as liberators, and that is not the case,” he said. Added.

The New York Times It also explains that many soldiers have little training and are preparing for this kind of large-scale invasion. The Washington Post Indicates that they are paid only $ 25 per month.

Will there be a massive Kiev attack?

According to the newspaper, this discouragement may partly explain the difficulties of the Russian military in capturing strategic points starting in Kiev. On Monday, a Pentagon official explained that Russian progress was “at a standstill” and underscored the military’s logistics problems already.

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Although the Russians do not have complete control of the wind to allow rapid redistribution, they are trying to get closer to Kiev via a large convoy of several tens of kilometers. However, according to the British Ministry of Defense, this is progressing very slowly BBC. Again, explanations for these difficulties would reduce technical issues and morale on the part of the troops.

However, Americans do not seem to be very optimistic. In fact, a Pentagon official was quoted as saying New York Times Explains that the Russian generals may reconsider their strategy and reorganize into a massive attack on the capital in the coming days.

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