The police have announced stricter restrictions against women who don’t wear the hijab

It is specifically aimed at companies that do not allow their employees to cover their hair in their workplace. The dress code has been rejected by a growing number of Iranian women since the death of Mahza Amini last September.

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A woman walks without a veil on a street in Tehran (Iran) on April 10, 2023.  (ATTA KENARE/AFP)

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s mandate for women to wear the headscarf, a symbol of religious power, has been wavering since September and followed the death of Mahza Amini. In cities like Tehran, many Iranian women do not cover their hair in public, something that was unthinkable just a few months ago. But the Iranian police announced on Saturday, April 15, their intention to tighten the application of the rule again.

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In an online statement, the police announced “Carefully Planned Actions” Restrict the wearing of hijab on public roads and vehicles “Site where hijab is sometimes removed”. Hassan Mofakami, the head of police security, promised to warn companies in particular where employees remove the hijab in the workplace.

Last week, police chief Ahmed-Reza Radan had already said “People who remove headscarves will be identified using smart devices.” They are “First they get a warning, then they are served courts”, had warned that. If an occupant of a car violates the rule, the owner will receive a warning message and their vehicle may be impounded.

In January, Iranian media reported that it was already monitoring the wearing of the hijab in cars and sending a text message to the owner of the vehicle without threatening sanctions if the dress code was violated. “According to current laws, removing the hijab is considered a crime”Hassan Mofakami recalled in a press release issued on Saturday.

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