The pregnant woman lost the baby as she was denied hospitalization due to an expired Govt test

The director of the hospital and several staff members were fired after the tragedy.

An eight-month-pregnant Chinese woman lost her baby after a miscarriage and was denied admission to Xian Hospital due to an expired Govt test. South China Morning Post.

According to a report circulating on social media on January 1, a woman was denied two hours’ admission to Cox’s hospital on the grounds that she had not been tested for the corona virus in less than 48 hours. A photo shared on Chinese social media shows him sitting on a plastic stool surrounded by a pool of blood.

According to her daughter-in-law who broadcast the news, the woman underwent a drug test, but expired a few hours ago. The news was removed from social networks, but it took time to provoke the anger of Internet users.

Administrative sanctions were announced

AFP’s colleagues have not been able to certify its contents, but Xi’an Town Hall said in a statement that it had fired the hospital’s director and “concerned officials”. South China Morning Post.

According to the municipality, the investigation was launched following the facts which “caused great concern and negative impact on the community”.

On Thursday, the City Hall Director of Health Services bowed to the audience at a press conference and apologized. “I sincerely apologize to this patient for not having access to care during the outbreak,” he said, adding that he had been ordered to pay compensation.

On Wednesday, local authorities announced to the press that they would establish quick access points to hospitals for specific patients, such as pregnant women or those in critical condition.

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The Chinese city of 13 million people, facing a resurgence of lawsuits, has been under restraint since December 22. To control the epidemic, Xian residents are being subjected to several Govt tests, officials said. The country on Thursday announced 189 new cases in the last 24 hours, including 63 in Zion.

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