The PS4 game has apparently been removed from PS Plus Extra, Premium Refresh in May 2023

It’s kind of concerning how often Sony has had to change it PS Plus Extra And PS Plus Premium Reveal lineup after the fact. In what has become a semi-regular occurrence now, a title announced earlier today for the company’s subscription service has now disappeared from blog post. It appears that Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town will not be part of next week’s update.

Where there were 23 games in the official Sony blog post, there are now 22 games with the aforementioned farming experience that are no longer listed. When this has happened in the past, deleted games were listed by mistake and were not made into the service. You can expect the same thing to happen with Story of Seasons for May 2023. An example of this was time Sayonara Wild Hearts It was “incorrectly” announced for organ downloads beginning in 2023.

How this keeps happening remains a bit of a puzzling question, but the end result is the same: It doesn’t look like you’ll be playing Friends of Mineral Town next week. On PS Plus Extra, at least.

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