The Remake Trilogy for FF7 won't be coming to Xbox or Nintendo anytime soon

Final Fantasy VII Remake's big bad Sephiroth stares into the camera as a fire burns behind him.

picture: Square Enix

Updated: 6/3/2024, 4:40 PM ET: Washington Post Reporter Jin Park edited his interview with FF7 Rebirth Producer Yoshinori Kitase stated that only the first two games in the trilogy have been confirmed Play Station Console exclusives. “It was a mistake on my part to write the sentence this way. It has not yet been confirmed that the entire FFVII trilogy is exclusive to Sony mail journalist he wrote on Twitter.

Original story follows.

I hope you're not holding your breath for Remake of Final Fantasy VII, New birth, and whatever three-parter will be called to access a non-PlayStation console. Bad luck: The first two sections of the trilogy will remain exclusive to the PlayStation console.

in meeting with Washington PostS&S — Sony and Square — have agreed to make… remake Triple Final Fantasy VII Exclusive console when project development starts. Svensson added that the focus on third-party content “is ingrained in us [PlayStation’s] DNA to this day” and relates to “how we worked together Final Fantasy VII Rebirth“.

Final fantasy It has always been one of the franchise's mainstays on PlayStation consoles. [Square Enix is] “She is one of the best in the business at exceeding the lofty expectations of her fans and showing what can be done with PlayStation hardware,” Svensson added.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase also told… mail That team is behind Remake of Final Fantasy VII And New birth They may have had to change their vision of the project to create versions for other consoles.

“king [FF7 Rebirth] “If the world map wasn't on one platform, it wouldn't be seamless, and the game design probably had to take a step back,” Kitase said.

Kotaku We have reached out to Sony and Square Enix for comment.

remake Released on PS4 in March 2020 He made his way to the computer In 2021. New birth It is expected to do the same at some point in the future, though the timeline for PlayStation PC ports is generally a year or more after the console release. But if you're hoping to check it out New birth On Game Pass or Switch 2 at some point, that's not going to happen anytime soon. Sorry, Microsoft and Nintendo fans, these are the breaks. Hence, who knows what the future might hold? Maybe we'll all be playing the final part of the trilogy in Nintendo's Holographic Dome.

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