The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s “flawed” screen is just something that doesn’t burger

Last update: February 20, 2023 at 22:00 UTC + 01:00

A few Galaxy S23 Ultra users have shared photos and videos of what appears to be a small screen defect, with the screen appearing to explode near one of its corners. A Galaxy S23 Ultra buyer took over reddit To explain the situation, others took L Twitter. But it turns out that this is not a new Galaxy S23 Ultra issue nor an actual problem or manufacturing defect.

The small “bubble” that may appear in the lower right corner of the Galaxy S23 Ultra also appeared on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. And from memory, we’re almost certain that it may have also been present in at least one of the Galaxy Note 10 units we’ve been using for a few years. We just brushed it off because it didn’t seem like a real problem, and in fact, Samsung says it isn’t.

More of a beauty mark than a flaw?

Samsung actually addressed questions about this screen issue last year, around the time the Galaxy S22 Ultra was shipping to customers. The company explained through the support page on Taiwan portal That this is a “normal phenomenon” and does not affect the function or lifespan of the product, and people should feel free to use their devices without worry.

The company explained that Samsung screens consist of multiple components, including tempered glass for surfaces, a dust-resistant layer, and a water-repellent layer, to name a few. This bubble effect appears to be a phenomenon of light refraction that becomes visible from certain angles. Or so Samsung seems to claim. We’re not sure why this is happening at the factory level, and some Galaxy device users say their phones don’t show this phenomenon, but whatever the case, Samsung already said it’s perfectly fine, so it probably is.

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If that little detail doesn’t turn you off your new Samsung flagship, the pre-order period is over, but you can Buy the Galaxy S23 Ultra Directly from the company’s online store. And if you unbox the phone and can’t get past the small details of light refraction, you can always try contacting the company’s support channels. If you want to know more about the phone before spending the money, check out our Galaxy S23 Ultra review below.

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