The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE may drop this key feature to lower the price

What you need to know

  • The upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 will reportedly have two versions: a high-end model and a “budget” model.
  • The 'budget' model is rumored to ditch the pen input function, according to ET News.
  • It can also be much thinner, according to another report.

Samsung is gearing up for the first “budget” version of the Galaxy Z Fold series, according to ET News. To lower the price, the tech company is rumored to be ditching a key feature.

Currently, Samsung is currently developing two models in the flagship Galaxy Z Fold series. The first model will be a traditional phone similar to the currently available Galaxy Z Fold 5, albeit with new features. What makes things interesting is that according to the report, the 'budget' model will not have a pen input function. The high-end model will retain this function, but the “budget” model will ditch the feature in an effort to lower the price for consumers.

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