The self-made millionaire claims that every man should own a Lamborghini by the time he reaches his twenties

It goes from ostentatious to affluent.

The 24-year-old millionaire—or at least the self-proclaimed one—is under fire for declaring that every man should own a luxury sports car by their 20s, because $200,000 is “little change” unless you’re a lazy loser.

“If you’re a guy in your twenties and you don’t own a Lamborghini, you should really sit down and have a serious discussion with yourself about why you don’t own a Lambo,” Sebastian Giorgio quipped in the clip. The controversial influencer dropped the bombshell in the podcast clip, which was recently reposted on Twitter, Where it got 2 million views Indescribably raised eyebrows.

The Detroit native claims to have He made $8 million in just six years from various projectsFrom creating a Google Ad Agency to YouTube and “drop shipping” – The e-commerce practice of accepting customer orders without keeping physical inventory on hand.

“I realize now that it’s very easy and there’s a lot of money out there,” said Ghiorghiu while describing how easy it is to earn enough from a Lamborghini. “People will say I’m out of touch with reality, and they can suck it up.”

And the young player – who was said to have had nine cars by the age of 19 – believes anyone could follow suit.

“I realize now that it’s very easy, and there’s a lot of money out there,” insisted Giorgio, who has more than 825,000 YouTube subscribers. “[The dollar amount] $200,000, compared to what is in trading and what you can get, especially now with AI tools that you can leverage like never before, $200,000 is a small change. “

he added“,” And people will say that I am out of touch with reality, and they can suck it up.

Ghiorghiu flaunts one of his fancy whips.
Ghiorghiu flaunts one of his fancy whips.
Instagram/Sebastian Giorgio

The braggart with a big purse was then burned for his bragging statement on twitter with Re-post the original video Writing: “I think we need to turn off the podcast until we figure out what’s going on.”

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“If you’re 25 and don’t have at least 47 Lamborghinis on your Lamborghini account, stop and seriously think,” Another snort.

I mean, “What are you even doing with a Lambo? Like, it’s not a very comfortable car,” he says. One harmonious reality.

One Twitter critic stated: “Benefiting from artificial intelligence! Of course! Why didn’t I think of that. Everything seems so simple now.”

one holdout Accused He accused Giorgio of never working “a day in his life”.

TikTok investor account, which sponsors financial content online, books: “Time to ban tiktok Gen Z teachers can’t take anymore lmao.”

Since then, the luxury entrepreneur has hit back at the haters on Twitter, claiming: “This 18-year-old I know started dropshipping a couple of months ago.”

He added, “He made 12,000 by noon today at 30% profit margins and had to turn off the ads because he needed a credit card, and I said you should be able to afford a Lambo in your 20s.” “Already grown up.”

Ghioghiu during the days of Taco Bell.
Ghiorghiu during the days of Taco Bell.
Instagram/Sebastian Giorgio

According to the aforementioned YouTube clip, Ghiorghiu’s parents moved to the United States from Romania in the 1980s. He worked various jobs in high school, including at Taco Bell and a car wash. During the last job, the influencer bought an Infiniti G35, which inspired the young man to start flipping cars.

He originally aspired to become a neurosurgeon but dropped out of college to sell real estate after coming across a fellow finance influencer, Graham Stefan, who earns “passive income” by selling homes and renting properties.

“I was like, ‘Yo, I want to do that!'” The budding entrepreneur remembers his inspiration. “I want to have the freedom to do what I want and be rich.”

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Ghiorghiu is said to have been a millionaire by the age of 22.
Ghiorghiu is said to have been a millionaire by the age of 22.
Instagram/Sebastian Giorgio

At the age of 19, Ghiorghiu reportedly had a net worth of $70,000 to $80,000 due to his work in real estate, on his YouTube channel and dropshipping.

Now a multi-millionaire many times over, the Romanian-American makes $25,000 to $100,000 a day, and $300,000 to $400,000 a month, per month. Another YouTube clip.

Ghiorghiu told the critics that they could "suck it up."
Ghiorghiu told the critics that they could “suck it”.
Instagram/Sebastian Giorgio

However, he aspires to become even bigger.

Ghiorghiu stated: “One Million Months will definitely be a record for me”.

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