The separatist Anthony Geros was elected Speaker of the Assembly

As expected, separatist Anthony Geros was elected president of French Polynesia’s assembly on Thursday, May 11. Mr. Tavini Huiradira, the vice-president of the Freedom Party, won 38 of the 57 seats in the second round of the disputed regional elections on April 30. Giros (66), received 41 votes in favour, while 16 were absent. were calculated.

Mayor of Paea since 2020, he is considered close to Tavini’s founding leader and Faa’a mayor, Oscar Temaru. Social.

Mr. Demaru had announced that Anthony Geros will contest for the post of Council President and Vice-Chancellor Moitai Brothers for the post of Community President. The second election will be held on Friday.

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Two different streams

Although they show rapport, Anthony Geros and Moitai Brothers represent two different currents of Tavini Huairathira. The first, like the long-term enthusiasts, prefers quick freedom. The second, more moderate, wants to organize a referendum “In Ten Fifteen Years” and focused his campaign speeches on purchasing power.

All the Thavini representatives showed their solidarity in the local assembly by wearing their party’s colors of the same sky blue and white floral cut dresses.

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When the Freedom Party first came to power in 2004, Anthony Geros had already been elected Speaker of the local assembly. During his first speech, this devout Christian nailed the crucifix above the crucifix, which had to be removed a few days later.

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