The source claims that the man’s injuries are not from Mike Tyson’s fist

Apparently Mike Tyson could throw a strong punch, but it wasn’t heavy enough to hurt Melvin Townsend III in blood according to a source.

“If Mike had really punched him, he’d have gotten out! Those cuts weren’t from Mike Tyson’s fist. [Townsend] He was so lost out of his mind, he hit his head on the [airplane] Chinese table,” said a source close to Tyson who was not on the plane.

Video taken by Tyson Townsend was punched in the head several times After the rider harassed the former heavyweight boxing champion in a Jet Blue fight from San Francisco to Miami on Wednesday.

“Mike is no monster….this little pit taunted and provoked him and before he could do that, Mike was very nice to him. He politely asked him to let him do it, and he kept making fun of Mike over and over again.”

Tyson is “naturally tired” after that Townsend threw a water bottle at himThe source said.

Tyson moved out of the flying brawl. On Friday, he was seen leaving the Eden Rock Hotel in white shorts, white sneakers, a black T-shirt and carrying a silver Dior backpack. Passers-by seemed to cheer for “Iron Mike,” who, for now, is not facing charges for his plane fight.

It is not yet known if Mike Tyson will face any charges.
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Tyson was in town for the Benzinga Cannabis Conference. One of the main speakers, represented by Tyson 2.0, was the “Full Spectrum” cannabis line.

“Mike was with Ric Flair and Rick Ross…everyone loved him. Nobody said anything bad. Fans were asking for selfies,” the Tyson insider said. [Saturday] For his cannabis company… [Mike’s] Go ahead, and he won’t let some stupid character dim his light,” the insider added.

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Meanwhile, Townsend appointed “an attorney due to his bodily injuries and the overwhelming nature of this event and associated media inquiries”, According to TMZ.

Mitchell Townsend hired a lawyer in the wake of Mike Tyson's plane punches.
Mitchell Townsend hired a lawyer in the wake of Mike Tyson’s plane punches.
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Townsend’s attorney did not respond to an inquiry to The Post, and Tyson’s representative did not comment. Tyson is now in Miami Beach.

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