The Supreme Court has provisionally upheld full access to the abortion pill

In a long-awaited decision in the United States, on Friday April 21, the Supreme Court of the United States has chosen access to the abortion pill mifepristone, which is used in more than half of voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG). The country suspends restrictions imposed by lower courts. The court’s two conservative justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, dissented from the decision by the majority of the college’s nine justices.

The US Supreme Court had originally planned to rule on Wednesday abortion pill rule in the country, but he postponed his decision for two days, temporarily extending full access to the seal.

With his decision on Friday, he specifically blocked the ruling of a federal magistrate in Texas who was appointed by Donald Trump while he was in the White House, his Christian faith, his ultra-conservative positions and his appointment. The judge, Matthew Kacsmaryk, withdrew marketing authorization for mifepristone on April 7 after being seized by anti-abortion activists. Despite the scientific consensus, she felt it could endanger women’s health.

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The Supreme Court’s ruling, with a conservative majority, would allow measures taken to facilitate access to mifepristone, particularly in states where abortion is legal, to remain in effect. Supposedly, this could take months.

The most important decision in almost a year

US President Joe Biden has promised to continue fighting against this “Political Attacks on Women’s Health” After the Supreme Court’s verdict on Friday, the status of the case is pending. “The stakes couldn’t be higher for women across America.”Mr. Biden added in a statement.

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It is the Supreme Court’s most significant decision on an abortion question since it struck down the constitutional guarantee of abortion in June 2022. A year later, it was hastily seized by Joe Biden’s government after conflicting court rulings on nationwide access. Mifepristone.

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After a Texas magistrate’s ruling, the appeals court, seized by the federal government, later allowed the abortion pill to be approved, but by restricting access facilities granted by the US pharmaceutical company FDA for years. His ruling banned mail-order mifepristone and returned it to limited use to seven weeks of pregnancy instead of ten weeks.

The central government then approached the Supreme Court. The latter temporarily maintained access to the abortion pill on April 14, suspending the appeals court’s decision to allow more time to examine the file.

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Further complicating the matter, a federal judge sitting in Washington state, appointed by Barack Obama, weighed in on mifepristone after his colleague’s decision in Texas. “Safe and Effective” Seventeen states and the US capital blocked the FDA from withdrawing its approval.

“Good news but…”

The American Family Planning Organization has welcomed the first temporary maintenance of the abortion pill. “This is good news, but the facts remain: access to mifepristone should not have been threatened in the first place”, responded to Planned Parenthood on Twitter.

The abortion pill is different from the “morning after pill.” Although the latter is taken after a dangerous report to avoid pregnancy, the abortion pill is taken once the abortion is confirmed. In combination with another drug, mifepristone was already used by more than five million American women when it was approved by the FDA twenty years ago. Although roundabouts have been created, they are not officially available in some of the fifteen US states that have recently banned abortion. The impact of restrictions or bans on the pill will be of primary concern to states where abortion is legal — many of which are Democratic.

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So the legal battle surrounding the abortion pill will continue, unleashing strong emotions. The next step is a hearing on May 17 in a federal appeals court in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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