The Texans reached a “compromise” with the NFL and Titans over the use of blue on the Oilers' model

Last year, the NFL forced the University of Houston to do so Get rid of the alternate outfit Which included the Houston Oilers Columbia Blue model. This year, the NFL and Tennessee Titans gave the Houston Texans permission to use the color in their alternate uniforms.

During his appearance on Tuesday on SportsRadio 610 in HoustonTexans ownership explains that the two teams and the NFL have reached a compromise that returns Columbia Blue to Houston's NFL team color scheme.

“We worked with the NFL, and there was some pushing and shoving and we got to where we got. … We could work with the NFL, giving us a compromise and some kind of percentage on the uniforms,” Cal McNair said. Our fans want more. And we may be in the same boat, but we're working with the powers that be in the league and all of those things to get where we can get.

Hannah McNair added: “I think there was some talk, and I think we even discussed publicly that we would be able to use a different color than Columbia Blue, so when it was released and we got approval to do that, that's when we started getting rejections. . . . “It got to the point where they just said, 'No, you can't,' and then we settled.”

This situation is due to the fact that when the Oilers left Houston, Houston made no effort to retain the names, logos, or colors (unlike Cleveland). So the Oilers took their logos and colors and ditched them for the Giants, and now use the Oilers as a sort of throwback, even though it's a bit counterintuitive to think of the Oilers as a property in Tennessee.

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Honestly, Houston should own the Oilers name and logo. It is good that a compromise has been reached. It would be better if the Texans had the Oilers option.

It would be better if Nike stopped convincing teams to have countless uniforms. Getting rid of the one-helmet rule has opened up a new world of collections that will include multiple NFL teams that look like Oregon State – all while having more jerseys and helmets to sell, sell, sell.

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