The Ukrainians are trying to leave the besieged city of Irfin by the Russian army




Article written by

M. De Salvron, c. Kenk, F. Le Mol, a. Demsuk – France 2

French televisions

Tuesday, March 8 marked the fifth day of the siege In Irfin (Ukraine). Civilians continue to leave at the risk of their lives. Report.

“We have nothing to feed the children.” Russian and Ukrainian forces clash as civilians try to leave the Ukrainian city of Irfin. As this report in France 2’s “20 Hairs” newspaper, which aired on Tuesday, March 8, shows a mother fleeing with her two children due to lack of food. Thanks to the help of a volunteer named Evkuniv Brokov, who helped evacuate civilians from the besieged city, the crew was able to get to the city center, where the situation is chaotic. She met people disconnected from the world living in a building with no water or electricity by candlelight.

“We want to go out, but we’re scared, there are scenes all the time.”Says one resident. “We do not need any help”, Another promises. These residents are unaware that volunteers are trying to evict people from the city. Some of the occupants of the building take advantage of this unexpected arrival and leave the city of Irfin with volunteers. They find themselves at the level of the ruined bridge that marks the entrance to the city, and on the fifth day of the siege the crowd is always most enjoyable.

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