The United Nations General Assembly will vote on a resolution calling for a “just and lasting” peace

Cover Image: This file photo taken on February 24, 2022 shows the Independence Monument and the ‘I Love Ukraine’ light in central Kiev, the day the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. Daniel Leal/AFP

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that Moscow would suspend its participation in a new Russia-US nuclear disarmament treaty.. He also vowed to pursue the case “formally” Its offensive began almost a year ago in Ukraine.
  • In a live speech from Warsaw, US President Joe BidenDefending, for its part, ” Freedom and democracy of peoples living without occupation”. He condemned “absurd” The accusations against Vladimir Putin have seen the West represent Russia as a threat to invade Ukraine.
  • The US president will meet with a group of nine NATO leaders from Central and Eastern Europe in Warsaw on WednesdayIn the presence of the Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance, to assure them of support “immovable” Washington against Moscow.
  • The United Nations General Assembly meets from WednesdayI on the anniversary of the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Kiev and its allies hope the resolution calling for peace will garner broad support “Fair and Sustainable”.
  • Poland to deliver Fourteen Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine “The next two or three weeks”, the country’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday. The delivery will be made after the training of Ukrainian troops, said Lukasz Jasina, a spokesman for the ministry.
  • Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni arrived in Kiev on Tuesday by train from Poland. After meeting Volodymyr Zelensky, Mme Meloni pledged to continue Italy’s unwavering support for Ukraine and to provide more air defense systems.
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