The war in Ukraine: chemical and biological weapons, says the “real threat” Joe Biden

Joe Biden said on Wednesday, March 23 that Russia’s use of chemical weapons was a “real threat.”

Russia has warned of a chemical weapons attack in Ukraine as a “credible threat.” Joe பிடன் This Wednesday, March 23 at the beginning of the afternoon. From the beginning of the conflict, Russia posed the threat of a war Destructive And Unlimited. To say that Moscow did not target the public is to say that the bombings on shopping centers and shelters in the city centers were the opposite.

Yesterday, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov raised the issue of the use of nuclear weapons. Existential threat. “We have an internal security theory. You can read there all the reasons for the use of nuclear weapons in general. If it is an existential threat to our country, they may agree with our theory,” he said. However, without setting a limit on the level of threat.

Vladimir Putin announced a few days after launching his offensive that his nuclear defense force was on high alert. A rhetoric from the Kremlin between a bitterness and a real threat that Westerners have difficulty measuring.

Small nuclear weapons

There are fears, especially in the use of Moscow nuclear weapons Small size. “We are monitoring this every day and we are doing our best. We do not see anything that could lead us to the decision to change our strategic blocking position,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday.

Fear of chemical weapons

If another red line has not already been crossed, it is going to be crossed War crimes The use of chemical weapons and performed by Russia for about a month Organic.

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The first “product” is in use Chemical Used to cause death or other damage due to its toxicity. Within the definition of chemical weapons “.

Among them, the various categories identified by the OPCW are: Agents Shortness of breath, Vesikans (Irritations), Blood poisoning (It poisons the blood) and Neurotoxic Such as Sarin gasSoman gas or VX A drop of it is capable of killing a human being.

Weapons Organic They are “complex systems Transmission of pathogenic organisms or toxinsHarming or killing people, animals or plants “, by definition, UN report Le Figaro. Their destructive and toxic potential is even greater because they are “intended to cause food shortages and economic loss to affect livestock or agricultural production, to create environmental disasters, and to spread disease among the general population, out of fear and distrust.” Continues.

Pollute the whole earth

“Chemical weapons are inactive toxins, biological weapons are pathogenic agents, most of which are living, biological: bacteria or viruses. Picaro Oliver Lebik, an expert in chemical and biological weapons, explains.

But according to the researcher, this threat is unlikely to exist at a time when the military is better prepared and ready to face such an attack. So little military interest, but strong psychological power over the people.

To date, only North Korea and Egypt have not yet signed an agreement banning chemical weapons, and Israel and Burma have signed it without ratification. According to the OAIC, 99% of the shares would have been destroyed.

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