The Warriors scrutinize their reaction to Draymond’s problematic stance for Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith has a problem with Kevin Looney and Andre Iguodala’s responses to the Draymond Green-Jordan Ball argument.

On Wednesday’s episode of “First Take,” the ESPN analyst passionately shared why he took offense at the way Looney and Iguodala acted in the wake of their teammates’ dust.

“Kevon Looney saying, ‘We should be trusted’ is a problem,” Smith said loudly. “I have a problem with Andre Iguodala, the way he was acting or whatever. He didn’t hit you, okay?”

Furthermore, Smith confirmed that Green should have been suspended and understand why the 32-year-old striker apologized to Paul Warriors. Smith also explained that mentioning Greene’s mental state at the time of the accident.

“He’s had personal things going on, and the team knows that, and that doesn’t excuse his behavior, it doesn’t excuse him from it,” Smith continued. He should have walked away from the team, he should have been stopped.”

It is noteworthy that Green has not been commented, Although he was fined an undisclosed amountIt is expected to be available for the Warriors 2022-23 NBA season on October 18 against the Los Angeles Lakers at Chase Center. in addition to, Paul and his Warriors teammates She felt it was “unnecessary” to impose a suspension on Green, hence the fine.

Ultimately, Smith’s annoyance comes from the fact that other players are “tweeting” and “giving credence” to the fact that Green may have anger issues. Smith concludes by blaming the players for pushing the green to the limit, despite knowing what goes on behind the scenes.

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In general, while experts may share their opinions on the matter, what matters is how the warriors handle the situation. As it stands, everything seems to be slowly fixing itself as Lonnie mentioned Green as well Repair and restore The confidence of his teammates.

Until the season officially begins and the team quells any talk of a brawl, it looks like Greene and Paul’s brawl will remain a topic of conversation.

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