The White Sox will sign Joe Kelly

White Sox fell to the right Joe Kelly for a two-year deal, according to USA Today’s Bob Nightingale (Twitter link). The signature will become official when Kelly passes physically. Kelly represents ACES.

The White Sox is a somewhat surprising suitor for Kelly, after he falls for Kendall Grafman for a three-year, $24 million deal before closing. They’re also on the hook for $29 million in 2022 for Liam Hendricks And the Craig Kimbrel. Aaron Bomer Under contract as well, and Garrett crochet Maybe too Work from the Bullpen. Scott Mirkin He notes that Kelly’s signing “could signal a Kimberle deal on the horizon, but the White Sox aren’t just giving up on Kimberle.”

Kelly, 33, is usually one of the game’s toughest painkillers, although each year more painkillers are able to average 98 mph as he does. In his three years with the Dodgers, Kelly boosted his hit rate, reaching 27.5% in 44 innings in 2021. In recent years, his overall control has fallen into the acceptable range for releasing free passes to 8% of hitters. Kelly also posted a healthy volleyball average of 58.9% last year, which helped him allow only three home runs per season.

Kelly played a key role for the Red Sox in the 2018 season finale, letting the singles in 11 1/3 frames. Kelly changed his squad after helping the Red Sox beat the Dodgers for the World Championship, with Los Angeles signing him to a three-year, $25 million deal with the club’s option for 2022.

Kelly put together an amazing 2019 season for the Dodgers. he is He memorably got a five-game suspension In the abridged 2020 season, he also spent time off the shelf with a sore shoulder before once again helping his club win the World Championship, although not to the same effect he made with Boston. Kelly succumb quietly Shoulder surgery performed off-season, leading to his May 7 season debut in ’21. Kelly went to COVID-IL in August of ’21, and later watched his season come to a close when he knocked out Game 5 of the NLCS with a tight biceps .

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Faced with the club’s choice of a $12 million buyout or a $4 million buyout, the Dodgers opted for the buyout. Although Kelly suggested a mutual interest in meeting the Dodgers last month, he will instead join the White Sox. Kelly ranked 7th in the Dodgers Leverage Index in 2021. Among those ranked advanced (used in the most important positions), Kenley Janssen Still a free agent and Corey Nebel Signed with Phillies. Blake TraininAnd the Alex PhysiaAnd the Prosdar Graterol They are the remains, with Daniel Hudson Join as a free agent before closing. Tommy Canley It is expected to pay some dividends after signing a two-year deal in December 2020 less than five months after Tommy John’s surgery.

Kelly told 570 LA Sports at the time that he would “definitely be ready for the start of the season” after injuring his biceps in the NLCS. White Sox widely expected To trade Kimbrel, they have so far only added a pair of right-hand slashers to their dashboard. Around the same time tonight, the White Sox too I reinforced my bottom signed Josh Harrison.

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