The Yankees kicked out Boone and the Reds Bill as New York sweeps a 3-game series

The New York Yankees completed a three-game sweep of the Cincinnati Reds with a 4-1 victory Sunday, but neither team’s manager saw the end of the game.

Yankees coach Aaron Boone and Reds manager David Bell were both ejected in the first and eighth innings, respectively.

Boone and Bell are the first opposing managers to be dismissed in the same match this season. Perhaps the match was a perfect storm for both of them. According to Boone, he has had more than one managerial ejection over the past three seasons, while Bell has had the second most ESPN Stats & Info.

Boone managed to take off before noon, a rare feat. While it was his 29th career ejection, it was first in very early in the day. The ejection came in the bottom of the first inning when a foul ball by Yankees right fielder Jake Powers was deemed a fair fly ball after a replay review.

Boone’s frustration did not appear to come from the call, but as a result of the umpires letting Reds’ Jonathan India score from first base on the play.

Powers fell on a sliding attempt to catch the ball, which first base umpire Nestor Siga implied was a mistake as India spun around second base. Powers didn’t rush to throw home and get India because he assumed the play was dead.

Afterwards, the Reds successfully challenged the play.

To the surprise of Powers and Boone, crew chief Brian Onora announced that a fly ball from Spencer Steer was fair to double and India would be awarded home plate.

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Boone quickly jumped out of the dugout to argue, and Onora quickly knocked him out. It was a somewhat predictable development, as directors were supposed to receive an automatic firing for discussing replay decisions.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone was fired after an altercation with umpire Brian Onora. (Photo by Dylan Boyle/Getty Images)

The Reds’ 1-0 lead came early on from Luis Severino, in his return from a strained road that forced him to miss the first month and a half of the season. It was the only run the right-hander gave up, striking out 5 in 4 innings.

The Yankees took the lead in the fifth when Harrison Bader hit a leadoff double off of Hunter Green. Jiliber Torres added a solo home run in the sixth.

In the bottom of the eight, Bell intercepted an apparent quick step by the Yankees’ Wandy Peralta. He was remarkably mobile when he got the hook, his third of the season.

Bell has been fired twice in the series, getting the hook Friday after a routine checkup of Yankees pitcher Clark Schmidt led to conflict.

Takeouts notwithstanding, the biggest takeaway for the Yankees will likely be the team’s ability to complete a sweep with superstar Aaron Judge on the bench.

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