There is nothing left to hack now that even Doom can run Doom

going to Test the success of a closed device It is hacked to allow custom code to run which is whether it can be run or not the deathBut do we really need to hack anything again now the death itself has been hacked to play the death?

It is now common practice for companies to shut down their devices in order to force users to access content only through their own online stores or streaming portals. But despite the cleverness of the hardware and software engineers behind these secure devices, there are hackers who thrive on proudly circumventing these locks and restrictions. MMore often than not, they will use the first classic shooter from id Software, the deathto prove that a device has been successfully hacked.

So far, everything from Rotten potato-powered graphic calculators until digital pregnancy tests Hacked to run the death, Because the challenge really has nothing to do with finding a better way to play FPS, but rather about whether or not that is possible. This time, a YouTuber kgswhich we previously presented as The creator of the large, multi-screen Game Boy Pocketexplains what could be the end of each the death Hackers, with the game running within itself.

You can run Doom inside (DOS) Doom, for real.

Technically, this hack takes advantage of a vulnerability in the DOS version of second deathwhich is a bigger and better sequel that arrived a year later than the original, and I managed to get it Chocolate Dome (a modern port of the game compatible with the original DOS version of the game, sometimes referred to as Vanilla Doom) running within the death as a moving tissue. modr A 15-minute video that goes into the smallest details About how this hack works and how kgs Create a custom cinema the death level so that others can try it, very. You can get their custom code from githubfind a copy of the DOS version of second death on Steam.

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