There won't be any more blue for a while after this week's “Surprise” episode

picture: Ludo studio

If viewers feel that way after 28 minutes bluish finale “The Sign” – and the unannounced third season finale “Surprise” which was dropped Disney+ Last night – that there was a feeling of ending for the lover Animation seriesIt was intentional in a way.

Some fans feared that when a “For Sale” sign appeared at the Heeler house at the end of Season 3 — or because the final moments of “Surprise” (little caveat here) jumped to the future with an adult Bluey and her baby showing up at her parents' house — that it might mean the Heelers were gone. .

Don't stress too much: the width will Back in some form, but that remains to be decided by the creators at Ludo Studio, whose small indie anime show has exploded as a pop culture phenomenon proving that anime is designed for everyone. In an interview with BBC, bluish “No, this is not the end,” producer Sam Moore announced bluish. I'm sure we have more surprises in store for you. The team is taking a break after creating about 151 seven-minute episodes and the 28-minute series The Sign, but “we have more on our plate and are thinking about what happens next.”

The interview also mentioned that fellow producer Daley Pearson said it would be a “dream” for the team to tackle a feature film about Bluey and her family if the 28-minute, risk-taking Ludo episode paid off — and it did. Bloomberg He cites a report from market research firm Circana that bluish It represents 29 percent of TV viewing on Disney+. The extended episode version of “The Sign” achieved 10.4 million views on the platform, making it the “most viewed” bluish The premiere episode and the most-watched Disney Junior episode premiere of all time. Based on a release sent by Disney.

This is great because bluish Not even a miracle, star Warsor Disney property; Disney is just distributing Ludo Studio, which is backed by BBC Studios for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. bluish Merchandise exploded at retailers like campWho did Incredible immersive activation Where fans can also meet Bluey and Bingo as well FAO Schwartz, which has just released a new collaboration. It's really a wonder that neither Disney Stores nor Disney Parks are in on the action – but we kind of love the little guy who has this power. We can't wait to see where they use it next. More seasons and this movie, please!

Until then, you can watch All current bluish Seasons On Disney+.

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