They leave their children unsupervised in the hotel swimming pool and are found completely drunk on the beach

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The couple were arrested for endangering the lives of others and the children were handed over to social services.

“Hey. Sheriff's office! Wake up!” On March 16, Alicia Langley, 27, and her fiancĂ©, Timothy Stephens, were drunkenly sleeping on a beach in Florida surrounded by beer cans. After waking them up, officers discovered that the couple could not find their children. The latter, ages 5 and 7, appeared safe and sound, but unsupervised, splashing around in their hotel's swimming pool.

So Alicia Langley and Timothy Stephens were arrested for endangering the lives of others. Timothy Stephens, who tried to elude law enforcement when he was arrested on the beach, faces charges of attempted escape and possession of liquor. Officers can be seen running on camera before hitting the sand and losing consciousness. The children, for their part, were handed over to social services.

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