Things to remember from Tuesday 19 March

Russia says it has captured a new village in eastern Ukraine, facing an army short on men and ammunition.



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Ukrainian soldiers train in the eastern Donbass region of Ukraine on March 19, 2024.  (Jose Callan/Anatolu/AFP)

The Russian military claimed on Tuesday, March 19, that it had captured the city of Orlivka in eastern Ukraine. At the same time, the U.S. has promised that if Kyiv condemns the drying up of Western aid in terms of weapons to counter Moscow. “I will not let Ukraine fail”. For its part, Russia plans to evacuate 9,000 children from its border with Ukraine. Franceinfo gets the main information on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The Russian army claims to have captured the village of Orlivka in the Donbass

In Ukraine, the Russian military is making slow advances in the Donbass, the eastern part of the country. Russian forces “Liberated the city of Orlivka”, the Defense Ministry said on Tuesday. The capture comes at a time when the Ukrainian military is short on men and ammunition due to the lack of US aid.

The Russian Ministry of Defense notes that it has too “Improved his positions” The area around this village, northwest of the city of Avdivka, was captured by the Russian army in February. By the end of February, Ukrainian forces had promised to retreat behind new defense lines in Orlivka to contain the Russian advance, having abandoned the neighboring village of Lastochkin.

Moscow wants to “punish” Russian militias favorable to Ukraine

Vladimir Putin ordered the FSB, the Russian security services “to punish” Pro-Kyiv Russian militias have been carrying out attacks in areas along Russia's border with Ukraine“Trash” And “traitors”, Tuesday 19 March. “Let us not forget who they are, identify them by name, and punish them indescribably wherever they are.”warned the Russian president in a speech to the heads of the service he headed in the 1990s.

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Russia plans to evacuate 9,000 children from Ukraine border

“We are evacuating a large number of villages, and now we plan to evacuate about 9,000 children due to shelling by the armed forces of Ukraine.” said the governor of Russia's Belgorod region. He pointed out that 16 people have been killed and 98 injured in the area in a week and that the attacks have increased since March 12.

America will not let Ukraine lose

The US sought reassurance through its defense secretary “I will not let Ukraine fail”. “We are committed to providing Ukraine with all the resources it needs to resist Russian aggression.” Lloyd Austin told reporters.

The pledge comes despite US aid being blocked in Congress due to the reluctance of Republican elected officials who support former President Donald Trump. On Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ruled“of prime importance” Consent “quickly” Of this, $60 billion is aid. On Tuesday, he again called for air defenses to counter the hundreds of drones, missiles and aerial bombs that Russia fires into Ukraine each month.

Russians and Belarusians will not march in the opening ceremony of Paris 2024

This is one of the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Russian and Belarusian athletes admitted to Paris 2024 Olympic Games under neutral banner The International Olympic Committee ruled that no parades should be held on the Seine during the opening ceremony on July 26. This is the last major decision expected from the IOC after two years of twists and turns: Originally banned from the World Games, the Russians and Belarusians were allowed into last year's Games under strict conditions, but with a limited protocol.

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