This free app brings passive music recognition for Pixels ‘Now Playing’ to your phone

Back up your playlists with this easy-to-use applet, now with a no-root option!

Shazam and SoundHound are useful tools for when you’re out on the town and want to see what’s on other people’s soundtracks so you can take those songs, and perhaps boost your playlists. But Pixel phone owners enjoy it very well, though play now Makes this ability passive. If you are feeling jealous, we have a beer app that has come a long way to download and give it a try.

Ambient Music Mod comes from the hands of Kieron Quinn, professional developer and friend of Android Police, and allows users to discover and select songs on their phones on a passive basis. The processes for how to complete registration and matching are a bit like Play Now. but, As Quinn explains in his post on MediumHe decided to go beyond detecting ambient music which would require a lot of trivialities to achieve and instead use a model that uses a series of triggers such as device screen playback and programmed recording events and lengths. It’s a slightly more arbitrary method, but the method seems to work as well: Now Play manages to identify every song played within five hours of radio while AMM correctly detects all but one.


It is fair to mention Esper Art Editor Mishaal Rahman He had a hand in helping Quinn with this project.

With the release of version 2.0 last week, Quinn has completely eliminated the need for root access for Android 12 and later devices in order to run the app – the package consists of the Ambient Music Mod app itself and a separate, independent version of the Android system intelligence that handles the Now Playing service. Other features included include notification album art, history of recognized songs, a custom mode to allow manually triggered recognition attempts, and the ability to tweak the recording timing.

You can use Ambient Music Mod on a tour by downloading and installing the latest version of the app from it Quinn’s GitHub Repository.

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