Three Sega Genesis games have been added to the Nintendo Switch Online expansion

Yesterday’s scheduled maintenance suggested that Nintendo would update its Switch Online Expansion Pack with some additional Sega Genesis/Mega Drive titles and certainly three more games were added to the service.

The latest additions include crusade lightAnd the Super Fantasy District And the foreign soldier. Here’s some info on each one, courtesy of Nintendo:

at foreign soldier, the acclaimed developers at Treasure invite you to take on the role of a steel-winged bird in its battle against 25 bosses. In this challenging game, you can learn new tactics with each defeat…or take advantage of this handy rewind feature to master your run!

Super Fantasy District Have you run the always attractive Opa-Opa across eight colorful planets!

at crusade lightalso from Treasure, Let the nobles light your way through action RPGs with love.

To play these games on your Switch, you’ll obviously need a Nintendo Switch Online membership and a subscription to the higher-priced Expansion Pack tier.

This update comes after last week’s expansion pack update, which added a Nintendo 64 Classic F-Zero X. What do you think of these titles? Have you tried the expansion pack yet? TheIf you like to comment below.

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