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Snow holethe only remaining written series on TNTis now the latest show to be cancelled Warner Bros. DiscoveryDelete current content.

The fourth and final season of the show will not air on TNT even though production has been completed.

TNT will not air the fourth season Snow holeA network spokesperson said in a statement. “This was a difficult decision to make, but we are so impressed by the talented writers and cast and crew that it brings Snow holeThe extraordinary post-apocalyptic world brought to life is still going strong. We have been working collaboratively with the producers since last year to help the series find a new home where fans can continue to enjoy the compelling story and exceptional visual experience. We look forward to working with them on future projects.”

CEO and Partner Marty Adelstein and President/Partner Becky Clements said in their own statement that Tomorrow Studios, which produces the post-apocalyptic drama, will be looking for another home for the show. The studio has repurchased the rights to the entire series so it can shop the full library with Season 4 for potential buyers.

“we love Snow hole We believe Season 4 completes a story with incredible talent that will delight viewers while exploring issues of climate change and class warfare,” said Adelstein and Clements. “We’re so excited about the series that we’ve secured control rights to the franchise. We hope to find the perfect partner soon and finish a great run with the final season.”

TNT announced in June 2022 that the fourth season of Snow hole – Based on the 2013 film Bong Joon-ho, which was also adapted from a French graphic novel about a frozen land whose surviving inhabitants circle the globe on a perpetually moving train – will be the last. It would have been the last local drama series to air on TNT as WBD cut back on scripted programming on the channel and sister outlets TBS and TruTV. As it stands now, this designation goes to animal kingdomwhich concluded its six-season run in August.

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The show is one of a handful of titles that WBD has been able to pull from various platforms as it looks for several billion dollars in cost savings after the WarnerMedia-Discovery merger. include completion bat girl The movie that was made for HBO Max, the second season of the TBS comedy Chad (which ended on Roku), HBO Max’s minx (which landed in Starz) and hundreds of library episodes on HBO Max, including Looney Tunes, Sesame Street.

Other companies, notably AMC Networks, have taken a similar strategy Non-renewal of offers Or restore chain orders as the raw economy and tailings from the early years of the free-flow era sent balance sheets red.

Paul Zbyszewski joined Snow hole as a browser For the fourth season and executive produced the final round with Christophe Shrew, Adelstein, Clements, Matthew O’Connor, Ben Rosenblatt, Scott Derrickson, and the 2013 film’s producers: Bong, Mickey Lee, Jenny Choi, Park Chan-wook, Lee Tae-hoon and Dooho Choi.

final date I reported the news for the first time.

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