To maintain the morale of his troops, an officer collects Russian supplies and considers auctioning them

According to officials, while the counteroffensive in Ukraine is “not progressing that quickly,” the hardest thing ahead is maintaining troop morale. Ukrainian lieutenant Serhiy Kosachinsky wants to sell the recovered items to the Russians and hopes to raise money to buy equipment.

After the 35th Marine Infantry Division managed to recover a few hundred meters from the front line, in the Donetsk region, Ukrainian lieutenant Serhiy Kosachinsky had to bend down to pick up the trophies: a shell and a Russian soldier’s satchel still full. Personal equipment. These discoveries on the front gave the lieutenant an idea to continue encouraging his men, while the counter-attack progressed more slowly, at the cost of heavy human losses.

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Among the items found was a World War II helmet with a large hole pierced through it. “It’s like a tin can. The most crazy thing for me is his military nickname: ‘Adolf’, like Adolf Hitler. In Ukraine they say we are Nazis, fascists … But those who came to our territory are fanatics of Nazi ideology. They mix everything. Their brains have turned to mush. “Lt. describes.

Sergey Kosachinsky wants to do something positive with these war prizes: “Our military needs munitions, drones, Starlink satellites…we can arrange these trophies for auction and donate them to the legion to have one or two extra drones. It will help our work.”

Arms supply announced

His priority now is to maintain the morale of his men after more than 500 days of war. Sergei Kosachinsky, despite his dark circles, smiles and delivers good news, such as the recent announcement of an imminent supply of cluster munitions. “Perhaps it will scare the Russians, He believes. It makes them think. If they decide to stay after that, they should know what they will face.

The official nevertheless recognizes that without the extra ammunition of the Westerners, the game will be difficult: If they stop, we’re lost.”. This is especially true as replacing players out of counter-attacking play is problematic on the ground.

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“People are afraid of war, they try to get out of it, they try to avoid it … But if you don’t want to take up arms, help in the back, work, pay taxes, donate, in this case, we all can. Quick victory”, calls Lt. Sergei Kosachinsky’s family decided to set an example. His wife and 13-year-old son, refugees in Poland, will return in September.

Hear a report from Isabelle Labeyrie and Gilles Gallinaro


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