Twitter has reportedly laid off chief product officer Esther Crawford

For at least the fourth time since he said the company is done with layoffs, Elon Musk is reportedly cutting more of Twitter’s workforce. according to the informationThe social networking site laid off “dozens” of employees on Saturday night. The outlet estimated the number of affected employees at about 50, which is a figure Curriculum It was probably much higher, Zoe Schafer later said.

“We heard layoffs on Twitter last night were well above 50 and hit multiple departments including engineering,” Schaffer said. He tweeted on Saturdayaccordingly adding This product manager, Esther Crawford, was among those let go of Twitter over the weekend. Crawford’s departure is notable for several reasons. Outside of Musk himself, she’s been one of the most recognizable faces of “Twitter 2.0.” She led the company’s Twitter Blue redesign and oversaw work on the upcoming payments platform. At one point, she shared a photo of herself sleeping on the Twitter office floor.

The company’s latest cutbacks have killed at least one other high-profile employee. Saturday morning, Revue founder Martijn de Kuijper chirp He was among those who lost their jobs. “Wake up to find I’ve been denied access to my email,” he said. “Looks like you left me.” Twitter Revue shut down at the beginning of this year. Musk did not address the cuts on Twitter. “Hope you have a happy Sunday,” he said chirp early Sunday afternoon. “The first day of the rest of your life.” Since taking over the company last year, Twitter is believed to have cut more than 80 percent of its full-time employees. As of January, the company’s daily revenue was down 40 percent year over year.

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