UN says Russia withholds aid for Khakovka dam disaster

frozen state. The United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Ukraine on Sunday (June 18) accused Russia of blocking aid to victims of the destruction of the Khakovka dam in Moscow-controlled areas of southern Ukraine. “We urge the Russian authorities to act in accordance with their obligations under international humanitarian law.”said Denise Brown. Follow our life.

Balance sheets get heavy. Authorities have now reported 29 deaths in Russian-held areas since Saturday, following the destruction of the Khakovka dam. In the area remaining under Ukraine’s control, the toll has worsened, with 16 dead and 31 missing.

There is less water in flooded areas. In the flooded Kherson region of the Dnipro River after the destruction of the Khakovka Dam, the water level fell, reaching one meter, underlined Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs In Telegram. The latter also announced the evacuation of nearly 2,800 people in flooded areas controlled by Ukraine.

Zelensky thanked the players. On the occasion of Father’s Day, the President of Ukraine He sent his thanks to all the players on Sunday “Strong and Brave” Those fighting the Russian invasion hope that they will all one day be able to return from the front. “Thank you to every Ukrainian father and every Ukrainian family for your strong and brave soldiers who defended Ukraine’s freedom and fought for Ukraine’s life!”He said on social media.

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