Video. Huge explosion in center of Milan, several vehicles on fire and several rescue workers on site

The event took place in the late morning in the capital of Lombardy in northern Italy. The sector of Milan’s Porta Romana district where the explosion occurred is currently sealed off. Many buildings were evacuated.

This Thursday, May 11, there was a huge explosion in the center of Milan and several vehicles were on fire, according to the Italian TV channel Sky TG24.

Italian police said a van caught fire. No further details were immediately provided.

Footage released by Sky TG24 shows black smoke billowing from burning vehicles on a street in the Porta Romana district of Milan, the capital of Lombardy, northern Italy, and firefighters in action.

Will it carry oxygen?

Italian newspaper La Stampa The explosion was attributed to a van carrying oxygen cylinders. Same story KoreanHe cites several eyewitness accounts: passers-by actually saw flames coming from the van., Then a very violent explosion.

And according to Italian media, the driver of the vehicle is safe and escaped with arm and leg injuries.

The affected area in the Porta Romana district has been sealed off in any way. A kindergarten and several other buildings were evacuated.

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