Video. War in Ukraine: Missile, NASA satellite, meteorite… What caused mysterious flash in Kiev’s sky?

A flash seen in the sky over Kew on Wednesday evening has caused confusion as to its origin.

A A flash was seen in the Kyiv sky this Wednesday evening It caused confusion about its origins. First, the city administration claimed that a NASA satellite had fallen. “At about 10 p.m., the glow of a celestial object was observed in the sky of Kew”The head of the Ukrainian capital’s military administration, Serhii Babko, said in a telegram. “According to initial reports, this incident is the result A NASA satellite fell to Earthhe added.

Residents of Kiev, Ukraine were stunned when a bright light struck the sky.

NASA has dismissed the huge light above Ukraine as a fallen satellite and suggested it was a meteorite, TM reported.

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In the process, The US space agency has denied it. NASA announced earlier in the week that the Ressi satellite, which weighs about 300 kilograms, will return to the atmosphere at an undetermined time on Wednesday. But in a statement, the space agency said its satellite had not yet entered the atmosphere at the time of the flash above Kiev.

“Probably a meteor”

This Thursday morning, the military administration of the Ukrainian capital told about this “mysterious flash”, the origin of which is still unknown, but “Not because of the use of a weapon“. “It is up to the experts to figure out exactly what it is. The most important thing is the safety of Kyiv and its people. This is not a missile attack Our anti-aircraft defense did not resort to its weapons”Serhii Popko said.

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For the Ukrainian Space Agency, it is “Maybe from a meteorite”. “We couldn’t identify properly. Our hypothesis is that it is a meteoriteBut we don’t have the data to establish its validity.”Igor Kornienko, Deputy Head of the Control Center of the Space Agency of Ukraine, said.

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