Vladimir Putin paves the way for Russian troops to enter separatist territories

After recognizing the independence of the Donetsk and Lukansk regions, The Russian president has called on his military to carry out “peacekeeping duties” there. No release time or quantity has been announced.

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Russia is increasing pressure on its Ukrainian neighbor. On Monday, February 21, Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian army “Keep the Peace” In the pro-Russian separatist territories of Ukraine, he recognized its independence, providing for the lasting presence of Russian forces before signing mutual aid agreements. “People’s Republics” From Donetsk and Lukansk.

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At the request of separatists who have been fighting the Ukrainian armed forces for eight years, the recognition of the independence of these two territories in the east of the country paved the way for the deployment of the Russian military. These documents do not state a timetable or order of magnitude, each taking a page and publishing it on the site of the Russian Database of Legal Texts.

According to texts published on the site of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, these mutual aid agreements provide for the parties to ensure their security, share military bases and secure their borders in common. Lasting 10 years, they form “Legal basis for existence” In these areas “Russian military forces are needed to maintain peace and security in the region.”.

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