Vladimir Putin threatens to seize Ukraine’s “state right”, Visa and MasterCard suspend operations in Russia

The Russian offensive continues, with Mariupol calling on the mayor for help

The Russian military continues its offensive, according to a statement from Ukrainian civil servants posted on Facebook on Sunday. “Focuses its core efforts near the cities of Kiev, Kharkiv and Mykolayiv”.

The situation is “Very difficult” Like Mariupol, subject “A Humanitarian Siege” And intense shelling, said Vadim Potchenko, mayor of this strategic port in the southeastern part of the country besieged by Russian forces. “We have been without electricity for five days and we have no heat or mobile network.”In an interview aired Saturday evening on YouTube, Mr. Boïtchenko said.

According to him, bombs have been exploding for the past few days “Thousands injured” And Russian forces prevent the arrival of food and medicine. “The city of Mariupol is no moreHe began. I ask our American and European allies: Help us, save Mariupol! ⁇

The fall of Mariupol, a city of about 450,000 people, will be a turning point. This would allow an intersection between troops from the annexed Crimea, which had already taken over Berdyansk and other major ports of Kersen and Donbass, and would then allow these combined forces to advance into central and northern Ukraine.

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