Volodymyr Zelensky invited Elon Musk to visit Ukraine.

In Paris, the National Assembly condemns the Russian attack on Ukraine

The National Assembly adopted a resolution on Wednesday “Condemns in the strongest terms the barbaric, unjustified and illegal attack” Russia and its Ukraine “War crimes, even crimes against humanity”. On the initiative of Pierre-Alexandre Anglade (Renaissance), presented by the Committees of the Presidential Majority, the text affirms “Full Support” of the Assembly “For Ukraine, its people, its sovereignty and its territorial integrity”.

The non-legislative resolution passed with 303 votes in favor (one against, 95 abstentions). A large part of the assembly applauded its acceptance, turning to Vadim Omelchenko, the Ukrainian ambassador to France, who was on the hemicycle.

The text calls out “A safety zone around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant”. He asks“Intensify Sanctions” The government and the European Union (EU) support Moscow and against Vladimir Putin “Any attempt to promote the end of the conflict” And “France continues to play an active role in welcoming Ukrainian refugees”.

“Rest assured of France’s continued unwavering support for Ukraine”Secretary of State for Development and Francophony Chrysoula Zacharopoulou defended before the representatives.

“This vote comes at a crucial moment in the war”Condemning the will of the Russian military, the President of the European Affairs Commission, Mr. Launched to Anglade representatives. “Use winter as a weapon of war”. “Unfortunately, Vladimir Putin still has a limited number of supporters in this hemisphere who verbally condemn this war, but systematically oppose arms deliveries and sanctions.”, he denounced representatives of the National Rally (RN) and La France insoumise (LFI) before directly questioning them. Both groups largely abstained, with one LFI deputy voting against.

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RN MP Laurence Robert-Dehalt stressed her group’s support for the Ukrainian people, MP. “Always more hurdles to say the least”. “Russia is guilty of a war of aggression”Deputy LFI AurĂ©lien Saintoul insisted on his role, surprised by a resolution “Totally contradicts recent announcements” By Emmanuel Macron “Opening the way for negotiations”.

“France is already doing everything you ask”AndrĂ© Chassaigne, leader of the Communist Party, underscored the lack of resolution “Shine the Lamp of Peace”.

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