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Olaf Scholes again defends the idea of ​​a gas pipeline between Spain and France

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Tuesday reiterated his support for a gas pipeline through the Pyrenees. “Improving Gas Network Connectivity” Against the background of the energy crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “I would like to reiterate that I am very much in favor of such a merger.”He said during a press conference with Spain’s representative, Pedro Sánchez, in Meseberg, north of Berlin.

The pipeline, viewed with skepticism by Paris, could “It is also a question of using hydrogen together, today and in the long term, to improve the interconnections of the European gas network” Green in Europe, explained the head of the German administration. The gas pipeline project is called Midgate – short for the two regions that connect Midi (southern France) and Catalonia (northeastern Spain) – and will allow Spain and Portugal to transport gas, coming in the form of LNG. From USA or Qatar, via France to Central Europe.

Mr. Scholz had already confirmed on August 11 that this gas pipeline “We are [manquait], Alas, today dramatically »Because it will “contribute massively to addressing and easing the supply situation, while Russia has already drastically reduced its gas supplies, on which Germany is heavily dependent.

The project, launched in 2013, was abandoned by Paris and Madrid in 2019 due to environmental damage and low economic interest. But the war in Ukraine and Russian threats to cut off gas supplies to the EU have put the matter back on the table.

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“I am very grateful that the German chancellor shares the vision of the need to strengthen these interconnections.”Berlin Mr. Sanchez said he was invited to the government seminar, which is relatively rare. “Currently, the energy connections of the Iberian Peninsula with the European energy market are less than 3%, so they are far from the commitments we all made before the European Commission” Along with Portugal and France, he pointed out.

Madrid’s problem is that Paris’s lack of interest continues. Faced with this situation, Mr. Sanchez has already said he would be willing to swap Italy for France. via An underwater gas pipeline.

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