War in Ukraine: “Gentlemen, I suggest we leave,” compelling video of Russian soldiers fleeing after their drone is hacked.

A video circulating on social media shows the disarray of a Russian team that lost control of its drone and was forced to flee.

In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, it appeared in the public eye that military or civilian drones converted for military use have become strategic weapons capable of inflicting significant damage on the enemy. But it can also turn against its user…

“This is how a Mavic gets hacked”

That’s what happened to Russian soldiers in Ukraine, according to a video circulating on social media. We see men in Kremlin military uniforms, one of whom is filming the scene, realizing their drone has been hacked and hijacked by the Ukrainians and getting a good scare.

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The sequence, as funny as it is terrifying, shows a Russian soldier with a smartphone in hand attached to a joypad, looking rather distraught. “This is how a Mavic is hacked”, Then the cameraman starts.

Yes, that’s it, we’ve lost it.” He reassures the pilot who realizes that the plane is no longer responding to his commands. The latter, undoubtedly hacked by Ukrainian forces, emits a warning signal. As the drone descends into enemy control, only the soldier can see through the device’s still-active camera.

Ukrainians hijack Russian drone to surprise of its operators, live on camera \ud83d\ude02 The Russians eventually panic a bit as they realize their location is no longer safe. pic.twitter.com/eusMAXLYSv

— Dimitri (@wartranslated) August 27, 2022

“We told you not to throw it away.”

News one of his comrades didn’t like at all. “You didn’t listen to the adults, we said don’t throw up.He scolds her.

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“Fathers, I suggest we get out of here At maximum speed, Launches another soldier.

A proper quick reaction. “If they stole, there is Chances are they’re trying to determine our positionTo fire a cannonball, the man puts his helmet back on his head and explains.

“Are we leaving then?” Then he asks who is taking the picture. “yes”The hapless pilot replies.

And a small troop of nickel-plated feet, trapped in a water sprinkler game, was miserably destroyed to escape the Ukrainian gunners.

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