War in Ukraine: Germany signs energy deal with Qatar

Germany on Sunday signed a long-term energy deal with Qatar to reduce Russia’s dependence on gas.

The agreement was reached during a visit to Doha by German Economy Minister Robert Hebeck, who wants to diversify Germany’s energy supply.

The Qatar It is one of the three largest exporters of liquefied natural gas in the world.

With half of Germany’s gas imports coming from Russia, it is urgent to find new suppliers. “If we do not get more gas next winter, if supplies from Russia are cut off, we will not have enough gas to heat all our homes and run all our businesses,” he said.

No ban

Robert Hebeck’s trip to the Middle East will continue in the United Arab Emirates. The former climate minister also visited Norway, another major gas-producing country, earlier this week and the United States earlier this month.

Germany has been criticized for its opposition to Russia’s immediate embargo on hydrocarbons, meaning the US has decided to reduce the flow of funds to Moscow. According to Berlin, such a boycott risks destabilizing the German economy, fuel prices and shortages.

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