War in Ukraine: US urges Ukraine to be open to talks with Russia

The Washington Post reported on Saturday that the Biden administration was behind the scenes encouraging Ukrainian leaders that they were willing to negotiate with Russia.

The demands expressed by US officials are not aimed at bringing Kiev back to the negotiating table, but rather at ensuring Ukraine retains the support of other countries, the newspaper said.

The discussions show the complexity of the Biden administration’s stance toward Ukraine, with U.S. officials publicly pledging to support Kiev “as long as necessary” in hopes of finding a resolution to the conflict.

Putin is not ready to negotiate

According to the Washington Post, US officials share the Ukrainian view that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not seriously considering resuming negotiations at this time.

However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s refusal to speak with his Russian counterpart has raised concerns in Europe, Africa and some countries in Latin America, where the conflict has led to increased food and fuel shortages.

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