War in Ukraine: Zhelensky accuses Moscow of “attacking” humanitarian corridors

Russia and Sudan continue to move closer together, with the West isolating Moscow after the October military coup following the invasions of Ukraine and Khartoum. Proof? The Sudanese delegation began eight days of high-level meetings in Russia on February 23, just before the outbreak of Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Under dictator Omar al-Bashir, Russia was the only arms supplier in the country under severe international sanctions. Today, after a popular uprising that calls into question its role, the beginning of a democratic transition and a coup put it all on the plane, and finally it is back in operation, with views on mercenaries, gold mines and the naval base plan.

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To the European Council for Foreign Relations (ECFR), it “Wagner began by sending employees to mining exploration sites before going into political and military aid in power.“Today, the AFP pledges membership in the Sudanese Security Services. “Russian experts protect communications and analyze social networks for state-affiliated companies” Sudanese.

In the face of this reconciliation, Westerners are torn: “With our sanctions, we offer the Russians a plate of Sudan“Throws a diplomat. “The generals have survived the dictatorship under sanctions against Bashir, so our threats carry little weight.“.

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