War. What we know about the summary execution of the Ukrainian soldier

When anti-Ukrainian protests go viral

The video is the latest to feature a Ukrainian whose backlash has become a symbol of the country’s resistance to Russian aggression — often with humor.

Island of Snakes and Sunken Moskva

One of Ukraine’s most severe blows to Russia was the April 2022 destruction of the cruiser Moskva, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which was sunk by Ukrainian missiles.

In the early days of the war, the cry of a Ukrainian soldier who refused to surrender to the Russian navy and give up Serpent Island went viral. “Russian warship, screw you!” “, announced that he had faced Moscow. A stamp was issued in honor of the ceremony. The area was soon captured by Ukrainian forces.

Boombox and “Red Viburnum”

“Oh, on the meadow, the red viburnum bent down …”: In March 2022, the Ukrainian patriotic song found a new life for the Ukrainian group Boombox, whose singer Andriy Khlyvnyok enlisted in the army shortly after returning from the tour. United Nations.

A song for the Ukrainian protest, the melody has been picked up by many musicians on YouTube and even by Pink Floyd in April. Banned from Russian music streaming platform Yandex.

Leopard fashion

Dresses, coats, swimsuits and pumps: Berlin’s chokehold on the delivery of German Leopard tanks to Ukraine in January led to a fashion challenge.

Ukraine’s official Instagram account invited people to post selfies wearing leopards under the hashtag #FreeTheLeopards. Thousands of Internet users “contributed”.

Peasants were the “heroes” of the war.

The images marked the start of the war: they showed Russian tanks being towed by Ukrainian tractors to be redeployed, marking the retreat of the Russian army, which had hoped for a “quick” victory in Ukraine.

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After several such videos appeared, Ukrainian farmers were hailed as heroes.
Their bravery was celebrated by the Ukrainian Post, which featured a stamp depicting a tractor towing a Russian tank, both under a blue, yellow sky, the two colors of the national flag.

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