Warner Bros. Close the creator of Red vs. Blue Rooster Teeth

After 21 years, Warner Bros. With the closure of the production company Rooster Teeth Red vs blue And RWBY, among other titles. The process is expected to take several months, according to a notice from Rooster Teeth general manager Jordan Levine. It was published Wednesday on the Rooster Teeth website. The Roost Podcast Network, which includes podcasts like Kinda Funny and RT Podcast, will remain with Warner Bros. The company is looking to sell the network.

Warner Bros. will continue. In the release of a completed, unspecified film produced by Rooster Teeth and other projects in the works, and is “exploring options” for Rooster Teeth content, According to the deadline. A variety have been reported Wednesday that about 150 full-time workers will be laid off, with “dozens of contractors and content creators” suddenly affected as well.

Levin attributed the closure to “the challenges facing digital media resulting from fundamental shifts in consumer behavior and monetization through platforms, advertising, and patronage.”

The company was founded in 2003, and with it came Red vs blueA machine-style display was used aura To tell a story about two groups of isolated and opposing soldiers who fell into a barren valley. The show quickly became a huge hit. It took a game people loved – the original aura – and created parodies of both wartime novels and military video games. Most importantly, it was just… funny -At least it was for me when I was a teenager. Twenty-one years later, I still occasionally mumble a line from the first episode to myself: Have you ever wondered why we are here? Red vs blueThe final season is scheduled for this year.

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“While this was not intentional, it is fitting that our final season of 'Red vs. Blue” as we go through this lockdown together.” “Our legacy is not just a collection of content, it is a history of pixels etched into our screens, minds and hearts. Rooster Teeth has left an indelible mark on the media industry, and we should be very proud of the countless ways we have pioneered a business that connects Creators and content with a dedicated community.

Rooster Teeth eventually branched out from there, with shows like Achievement is open And let's play. It's the next major hit, an anime-style web series called RWBYdebuted in 2013. The following year, Fullscreen acquired Rooster Teeth before the production company released its first film, Laser team. This acquisition set off a series of mergers and restructurings that led to the consolidation of Rooster Teeth under the AT&T umbrella. AT&T tried to sell Rooster Teeth in 2021, saying its revenue fell by $20 million in 2019. He didn't do that It was sold, so it was included in the AT&T deal that merged WarnerMedia with Discovery to create Warner Bros. Television. Discovery.

Although Rooster Teeth remains hugely popular, it struggles to maintain the quirky charm and easy humor of its early days. The company has also faced several serious controversies, including RWBY Actor Vic Mignogna was removed from the show after allegations of sexual harassment as well Such as several cases of alleged misconduct in the workplace.

On social media, Rooster Teeth fans sought support for the company's laid-off employees, calling the impending closure “the end of an era.” Although Rooster Teeth has changed a lot over the years — and not always for the better — many people look back fondly on the work he created.

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