Warner Bros. Removes Adult Swim Games from console stores and Steam

Even Warner Bros. games Discovery is subject to the whims of the executive group. Several developers of games published under Adult Swim Games, which is owned by Warner Bros., said: Discovery, said the company has reached out to inform them that their games will soon be removed from digital storefronts on PC and consoles.

“I am sad to announce that we have received notice from Warner Bros. Discovery (the owners of Adult Swim Games) that… Fist puncher It will be suspended and removed from Steam within the next 60 days. Written by Matt Kaneone of Fist punchr-developers, on Steam.

Other developers at Adult Swim Games said they received the same message. “In the next 60 days… SoundDodger+ “It will be removed from Steam,” Studio Bean wrote on X.

Some affected developers wrote that they would republish their games on Steam, but the titles would lose their community pages, Steam achievements, forum discussions, screenshots, and other content in the process. And all of that could be preserved if Warner Bros. moved on. Publishing permissions to developers, but developers say the company refuses to do so, citing lack of resources.

However, according to the developers, the transfer process via Steam takes only minutes. “I sent them the Steam Transfer link, explaining that it takes 3 clicks, but they still refused, claiming that it would be unfair to not transfer any games to anyone because they couldn't do them all,” Studio Bean wrote.

The move signals that Warner Bros. Discovery plans to shut down Adult Swim Games and has taken the first step to notify affected developers. Since completing its merger in 2022, Warner Bros. Discovery has removed TV shows from its streaming library and shelved near-finished films, including… Bat girl And Coyote vs. Peakas a way to reduce costs. the edge I have reached out to Warner Bros. Discovery to comment.

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Owen Deary, developer Small radios and large televisions, books that it He made his game available for free On his website. Studio Bean Books That Warner Bros. It will allow the team to republish the game on Steam as long as they remove all references to Adult Swim Games, including team members listed in the credits.

“I am in favor of preserving the games, that is not the most important thing,” Deere wrote.

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