We “will not be chained”, Zelensky declares after a flood of Russian missiles over the country

Cover Image: People take shelter in a Kyiv metro station during an airstrike on March 9, 2023. Staff / REUTERS

  • Six people were killed Thursday in the largest Russian missile and drone strikes in Ukraine in weeks. Russia launched attacks with the help of new hypersonic Kinzhal missiles and others. “retaliation” Infiltrating its territory on March 2 “Saboteurs” Ukrainians.
  • Following these attacks, a section of the Ukrainian population lost power. The strikes cut off electricity, water and heat in Kharkiv, a large city in the northeast, and 40% of users lost heat in Q, according to local authorities.
  • The massive Zaporizhia nuclear power plant occupied by the Russian military in southern Ukraine was also briefly cut off from the Ukrainian electricity network.Raises fears of nuclear accident.
  • “We have already shown what Ukraine is capable of”Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday evening. “No matter how treacherous Russia’s actions are, our government and our people will not be chained. »
  • In eastern Ukraine, the battle for the symbolic city of Bagmouth continues to rage. Evgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner Group, said Thursday that his fighters had captured the small village of Dubovo-Vasilivka, north of Bagmouth, after announcing the previous day that they had captured the eastern part of the city.
  • In Moldova, pro-Russian separatists from Transnistria vowed on Thursday to launch an offensive in the center of their capital, Ukraine.Tiraspol, for “remove” Their leaders and create “Large number of victims”. Moldovan Prime Minister Dorin Reason said “No Confirmation” These allegations.
  • In Vilnius, TheThe head of Lithuanian military intelligence, for his part, estimated that Moscow had sufficient resources to continue its offensive in Ukraine at the current rate for two years..
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