“We’re on a mission to rust out the world’s second army,” says a soldier-turned-Ukraine policeman.

With a Kalashnikov slung over his shoulder and a Ukrainian-colored butt in his hands, Sacha fights on the battlefield today. Earlier he was a policeman Vinnytsia, in the west of the country. So he had some knowledge in handling weapons. “I studied this a long time ago in the police academy“, he says. Among many Ukrainians, Sacha is a soldier who trains for war and goes to defend their country, men and women who provide a definite advantage to the Ukrainian military.

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Sacha learned the soldier’s trade not far from Ukraine at an army base in Lydd, southeast of England. Last June, he was with 2,000 volunteers from his country. Based on this he learned”First aid, emergency medicine, how to approach an injured person“.”We can’t rush, for example, if he’s lying down and he doesn’t see you, he hears your footsteps, he can shoot you, so we have to crawl, talk to him, explain that we are in the same camp. We want to help him“, he explains. It’s appropriate”All this is not obvious“This training was essential. He was able to tap into the knowledge of the European players.

“In Europe, there are very good professionals and we should be inspired by them, especially when they teach us how to handle their weapons, which is very good.”

These exercises were difficult to follow: “The first week was very intense and tiring to get used to the fight. We had a short break of about ten minutes, half an hour for lunch and we practiced from 7 am to 9 pm. They trained us for that.

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In total, Sacha completed three weeks of training. Two-thirds were devoted to tactical work and the remainder to combat medicine. It pays off on the pitch. Chacha has been leading Gerson for four months. Along with eight other artillerymen, he hid under the roof of a gas station, awaiting an order and coordinating an advance toward the battlefront. Purpose: to send rockets from the missile launcher to Russian positions.

We are now one of the best armies. Source: We are in the process of destroying the world’s second army. Yes, we can say that we are one of the best armies in the world“, he enthuses. From his training in the United Kingdom, Sacha has a motto: “Experience, confidence and intelligence.“The good soldier’s triad; according to him.

A Ukrainian soldier describes his training – report by Thibaut Lefebvre

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