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Updated May 12, 2023, 02:16 PM EST

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Actor Jamie Foxx has been hospitalized due to a mysterious “medical condition” since April, and while his family revealed that he is recovering, the condition is unknown, and speculation about the condition of the star of such films. Django It has risen dramatically in recent days.

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Foxx was hospitalized in Atlanta on April 11 due to a “medical condition.”

Foxx’s Netflix movie Back in business He canceled filming days and reconfigured the production schedule after the accident, according to the people.

The silence was briefly interrupted on May 3, when A.J mail Foxx’s Instagram account expressed Foxx’s gratitude: “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed”, and received an outpouring of support from fans and celebrities.

what we know

On April 12, Foxx’s 29-year-old daughter, Corinne Fox, released a since-deleted Instagram post, saying the actor had experienced medical complications the day before, but “due to the quick action and great care, he’s already on his site.” way to recover.” according to the people. On May 9, Corinne Fox shared her Instagram account mail Intel’s advert shows her and her dad with the caption: “He first learns how to sync his phone to his phone #IntelEvo A laptop, next thing you know it’s going to edit the photos itself. baby steps, @employee. baby steps # Proud daughter. Jamie Foxx was working on the movie Back in business days before the accident, however the people He confirmed that he did not happen where he was, and also stated that he was not taken to hospital by ambulance.

What we do not know

The actor’s medical condition. Conflicting – and unreliable – reports emerged about his condition. typical a reportThat’s from Radar, he claims, “His friends and family hope for the best — but prepare for the worst!” But it lacks any real details.

What do celebrities say about Foxx?

  • Tracy Morgan Tell entertainment tonight, “He’s strong, he’s a fighter, and he’s going to come out of it, and he’s good. He’s going to be stronger and better than ever.”
  • Martin Lawrence He said In an interview with extra,”I heard it works better. . . My prayers go out for him every night and I wish him all the best, one of the best we’ve ever had in Hollywood.”
  • LeBron James chirpI send my thoughts and prayers to heaven above for my brother @employee. “
  • Tiffany Haddish Tell Entertainment tonight I’ve heard Foxx is “doing well,” and mutual friends “keep it going.” [her] updated.”
  • Kevin Hart He said On Logan Paul’s podcast, “As far as I know, there’s a lot of progress and a better world, man…. The interesting thing is he’s getting better at putting in, you know, everyone’s prayers, everyone’s love, their energy — all of those things are being seen and felt.” .
  • Kerry Washington Share a mail On Instagram it says, “A @employee latest estimate. I am sending you all the love and prayers of two parties.”
  • Steve Harvey He said In an interview with entertainment tonight,”This guy is fit, so I was really worried, man. So I hope everything will work out. I’m sure about that. “
  • Charlie Mac books mail on Instagram saying, “I want all of you to always keep our beloved brothers @iamjamiefoxx who we all love and care so much in our hearts, minds and prayers!!!!!”

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