Why did the sky turn an incredible pink over a science site?

This is an unusual phenomenon observed by scientists recently Antarctic. A technician stationed at the Scott site for the New Zealand Research Institute was able to take photographs the sky Totally pink. This explains a phenomenon of renaissance or “afterglow” in English Future science.

It’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere right now and Antarctica’s skies are dark most of the time, so the unexpected moment is so beautiful. This phenomenon is visible during the “sky of fire” at sunset. the sun, after thunder or cloud rain. The more particles in the atmosphere, the more the sunlight is scattered, so the colors are more spectacular.

A journey of thousands of kilometers

Part of the pink sky observed recently is believed to be aerosols, mainly sulfate, coming from a submarine volcano located in the Tonga Islands. It predicted water vapor and dust during its last eruption in January 2022. But aerosols can circulate in the atmosphere for months. That’s why the sky changed color in New Zealand and later in Antarctica.

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Since the eruption occurred 7,000 km from the Scott site, these particles had a long journey.

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