Why do Russian generals fall on the battlefield?

Army Ukrainian Is she chasing the enemy? For several days, the Russians did not advance and faced several counter-attacks from Ukrainian soldiers. East KievAccording to US intelligence, the Russian military has retreated about 30 kilometers. A month after the start of the war, the front almost froze due to tactical setbacks on the part of Moscow.

Logistics shortages, supply problems and human casualties … Barriers to the Russian military are mounting. According to some sources, 3,000 to 15,000 Russian soldiers were killed. The Kremlin counts 500 dead soldiers and confirms the deaths of two generals. For its part, Kiev is dealing with the deaths of six Russian generals. But why is the Russian military losing senior officers in battle?

Commanders in contact with the war zone

According to a senior official, these losses are a sign of a malfunction in the command chain. Russian generals are pushed into the field to issue orders and ensure they are understood. One of the hallmarks of high-intensity warfare is that the battle kills all troops. During the wars of 14-18 and 1940, 55 French generals died in the war.

Gen. Wetgan, the army’s former human resource development officer, sees the need to reorganize troops a month after several tactical defeats: “The morale must have been slightly damaged. The damage is done and they become more identifiable targets. Artillery. “

Change of strategy for the Russian military

However, the Russian military is changing its strategy. According to our information, Western intelligence services are monitoring the main intrigues of the Russian military. These maneuvers are characterized by fuel delivery movements, reloading of ammunition and evacuation of the wounded.

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Thus, the Russian military is focusing on relentless bombardment of urban areas to rebuild its forces. Authorities expect the Kremlin to order a resumption of mass attacks in Paris and Ukraine in a few weeks.

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