Wow, but the Mad Max prequel isn’t Fury Road.

The first reactions are here for George Miller’s latest venture into the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The ban was broken due to reactions on social media Furiosathe eagerly anticipated prequel to an amazing 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road.

This new entry stars Anya Taylor-Joy as Empress Furiosa (replacing Charlize Theron) and Chris Hemsworth as a devious warlord in a story set 15 years before the previous film.

Early social reactions can sometimes be a bit different (usually more enthusiastic) than official critical reviews, and there are sure to be plenty of those to come soon. But based on the first batch Monday evening, Voriswa It is a visually stunning film featuring “fierce, wild and relentless” action and a story that “spans decades”, with strong performances from both leads.

Those who compare the film to Road of angerHowever, he did so with little qualifications. Voriswa “It’s in a different setting” and “it won’t be as good as Fury Road” in a way that “may disappoint” some fans. said one critic Furiosa It felt like the first two Mad Max Movies (which is funny, because when… Road of anger was released, some initially felt that the film was not as adequate as the first two films Mad Max the movies).

However, being different is not necessarily bad, and this may be the case for viewers who have difficulty letting go of their expectations when going to the theater (movie). Furiosa After all, the trailers sell the new movie as being exactly like it Road of anger). However, many consider Road of anger One of the best action films ever made – and certainly one of the best of this century – so there’s no need to compare, even if it’s just one Furiosa It comes with a tier or two, and it’s still free.

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Check out some of the first reactions below. Furiosa Opens in theaters May 24.

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