Wyoming became the first US state to ban the abortion pill

It’s a new victory for conservatives who want to roll back access to abortion in America.

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Mark Gordon, Governor of Wyoming. Wikimedia Commons-CC

Wyoming on Friday became the first US state to ban it Abortion pill. Wyoming (West), Gov. Mark Gordon, called on lawmakers to go further and put a total ban on abortion in the state’s constitution and put it to a vote of voters.

The decision comes as many anti-abortionists seek to ban the abortion pill nationwide following last year’s ruling. of the Supreme Court to bury abortion rights at the federal level. Since then, fifteen states have decided to ban all terminations of pregnancy on their soil.

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A decision on the matter is expected soon in a court in Amarillo, Texas, where an ultraconservative federal judge is expected to rule on a possible federal ban on mifepristone (RU 486). The pill, the most widely used medical termination of pregnancy, was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2000. Texas federal judge Matthew Kazmaric could order it off the market nationwide.

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“I believe all life is sacred”

Texas lawmakers are considering a proposal that would not only ban abortion pills, but also require state Internet providers to block access to sites where the pills are sold by mail order.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has announced that he has no intention of backing down on his fight against abortion. “I believe that all life is sacred and that every individual, including the unborn, should be treated with dignity and compassion.“, he said on Friday evening.

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Since the United States Supreme Court gave each state the freedom to legislate in June of last year, about fifteen of them have limited access to requiring a doctor to prescribe mifepristone, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a women’s rights research center. Have an abortion.

Abortion rights groups say if a Texas federal judge imposes a nationwide ban on the abortion pill, it could have as big an impact as last year’s Supreme Court ruling.

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